Decentralised apps are winning the hearts (and wallets) of users around the world. But despite their growing popularity, the process of launching them remains fraught with challenges and obstacles. What do you need to know before you start working on your DeFi application project? What are the most common mistakes?

The implementation of DeFi applications requires specialist knowledge and a range of diverse skills. A deep knowledge of the decentralized finance market and a team proficient in Blockchain technology are the absolute foundation.

At Nextrope, we have a track record of working with a number of DeFi projects for which…

Last year, the price of gold broke through historic highs pulling in increased investment in other precious metals as well. Given the very good forecasts for the current year, we discuss why it is time to tokenize them.

Both gold and silver have been popular investments for thousands of years. Currently, precious metals are finding more and more industrial and investment applications, while the scale of their extraction still remains relatively limited. As their value increases, so does the degree and dynamics of Blockchain technology development. …

Ethereum 2.0, also known as Serenity is a long-awaited update to the Ethereum network, significantly improving the security and scalability of arguably the world’s most popular Blockchain protocol. Above all, it will reduce power consumption and enable the network to process more transactions. The most important improvements from the technical side are to be the transformation of Ethereum into a proof-of-stake blockchain and the introduction of fragmented chains.

Note, however, that this is a change to the Ethereum infrastructure only. Dapp users or developers and ETH holders can rest assured. Ethereum 2.0 will be fully compatible with the Ethereum 1.0…

Will artificial intelligence change the face of modern medicine? All signs point to yes, and sooner than we might expect.

A key feature of tools based on artificial intelligence technology is the ability to recognise relevant relationships in raw data. It turns out that this ability can be used in virtually all areas of medicine. Already, AI technology is enabling medical staff to tackle problems that are time-consuming and inefficient to solve on their own. On the Nextrope blog, we present what we believe are the 3 most interesting applications of AI in medicine.

Sorting out information chaos

Dozens of clinical trials are published daily. Many experts and doctors agree that in such a plethora of data, it becomes increasingly difficult to select those…

Why is real estate tokenization likely to change the property market permanently? What are its benefits for developers and owners? What does the issuance of such tokens mean for small investors?

In the three years from 2016 to 2019, the value of the real estate market increased from $7.6 trillion to $9.6 trillion. Its importance is inalienable, not only because of its high value, but also because of the key role that real estate plays in everyone’s life. At the same time, it is one of the most complex markets, full of ambiguities. …

Why does it even make sense to tokenize cars, works of art or wine?

The need for portfolio diversification and the comfort that comes with owning uncorrelated assets are nothing new in the investment world. But it is in times of market stress that their role becomes particularly important. Just look at last summer’s record gold price. Alternative assets, however, have far more faces than just metals and precious stones. Cars, art or exclusive liquors not only satisfy people’s whims, but can also turn out to be a safe deposit of funds and even bring profits from investments. Why is it worth tokenising them?

Tokenisation of cars

Exotic cars have played an important role in the world…

Remote working has been growing in popularity for many years, but recent events have dramatically increased the need for effective tools to work from home.

This type of work presents many challenges — the analysis carried out by Buffer shows that many remote workers have problems with disconnection, loneliness and communication. Other challenges include problems concentrating at home, working with people in other time zones and finding motivation. []

It is worth adding that in the Buffer report as much as 99% of the respondents stated that they would like to work remotely at least once during their career.

The tools we have chosen focus on solving not only the unique problems faced by teams permanently scattered around the country and the world, but also…

The world’s pandemic is constantly affecting our daily lives, forcing us to redefine our view of many branches of life and business. Recent days have brought many dynamic changes, and more are constantly appearing on the horizon. But are there also new opportunities besides new problems? Where can blockchain allow us to adapt to the current situation?

You have been interested in blockchain for some time now and are wondering if you could use it in your business model? Undoubtedly it is a technology which has recently gained popularity and which usability in the real estate and entertainment has been found pretty quickly. Among the companies present on the AngelList around 3 thousand use Blockchain. On our Nextrope blog we are trying to explain the most effective ways in which it can be used in business. In this article we compared the 4 most popular protocols- Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda and Quorum.


There is over a billion of cars in the world. We are basically in love with them, even though they have brought many issues. Unfortunately they cant be ignored anymore, we need to face them. Perhaps technologies such as blockchain will help us bring the balance to the streets or even reduce the carbon footprint the cars create.

With the growing urbanisation rate the topic of the increasing issue of traffic has kept returning. The citizens of huge urban sprawls are most probably familiarised with many hour long traffic jams which complicate their lives with huge delays. The experts agree that the problem lies in the amount of the cars owned by people. Because the majority of them utilises the fossil fuels, they also contribute towards the climate change and the environmental pollution. However, despite all of the red flags, it may be impossible to find an alternative in the closest future. …


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